Anadrol liquid dosage - Buy Steroids online

Anadrol liquid dosage - Buy Steroids online

Anadrol liquid dosage - Buy Steroids online

Anadrol liquid dosage



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Anadrol liquid dosage

I just got a bunch of 75mg anadrol tabs, and was wondering how much I should take daily. I'm 6'4", 215lbs. Is 2 tabs a day too much???4 Sep 2009 I've never used the liquid form of Anadrol and bought some from a good friend who has I wouldn't take shit without knowing the dose of it.So bottom line is there a real liquid anadrol? . week but for the last few weeks decided to up the dose as my shoulders are hurting like a bitch. _ERRROR_




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24 Aug 2012 Various professional sports leagues have attempted to set a level playing field by testing for drug use and suspending those found guilty.

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I just got a bunch of 75mg anadrol tabs, and was wondering how much I should take daily. I'm 6'4", 215lbs. Is 2 tabs a day too much???Anyone with experience with the liquid oral anadrol. Been taking 1 Increase your dosage to 100mg and see what happens. Hows your diet?


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